PARSONS and the New Deal



This year's History Zone explores the impact of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's work relief programs on Parsons and illustrates the legacy it left.


The exhibit will spotlight the (surprisingly) numerous structures that were built in Parsons to stimulate the local economy and to fight the Great Depression--as well as to provide much needed civic improvements.


In addition. memorabilia from the Neodesha Civilian Conservation Core (CCC) camp and photographs of area murals created by members of the Federal Artist Project will be on display.


A special part of the exhibit will feature scrapbooks compiled and photographs taken by McKimley school children as they documented--day to day--the construction of their new school, a project which was the largest of Parsons' New Deal.


For more information about the 2019 History Zone,

contact Mike Brotherton (717.1066) or Dave Mattox (421-6771)




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