David Winchell

(620) 778-8873

Aquila Winchell

(620) 421-2365





Email: winchellaj@gmail.com

Festival Email: katy_days@yahoo.com

Officers and Board Members


John Dhooghe - President

Risk Management, General Information


Crystal Riley

Operations, General Information


Sue O’Brien and Jackie Schmid - Treasurers


Megan Hughes

Heritage Crafts, General Information


John Olson

Heritage Crafts


Rick Trotnic

Railroad Memorabilia


Steve Farrell

Railroad Operations

Parsons Runners

Iron Horse 5K


Mark Forbes

Beer Garden


Matt Hoisington



Mary Hughes - Founder

Bluebonnet Banquet


Parsons Police Department

Traffic Control


Parsons Recreation Center

Volleyball/Softball Tournament


MAY 24 - 26, 2019 • FOREST PARK

Toll Free 800-280-6401 | 620-421-6500

Email: katy_days@yahoo.com


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