MAY 25 - 27, 2018 FOREST PARK

In 1870 the first Missouri-Kansas-Texas train rolled into a new town in southeast Kansas, that would become Parsons, and the railroad would be remembered as the Katy! One hundred forty-eight years later, Parsons celebrates its railroad heritage and town history with the Katy Days Festival. Renew old friendships, rekindle memories and enjoy food, fun, entertainment and railroad-related activities.

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Katy Days

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Katy Days Banners 2018


They serve several purposes:

  • As a reminder that Katy Days is coming up soon
  • Adding color and interest to our main streets and downtown
  • Providing publicity for our supporters


The original banners were sold in the early days of Katy Days, around 2002.  The cost was $250 each and they were hung for the life of the banner (anticipated to be five years).  It is now 2017, fifteen years later and due to fading, wind damage, and loss, and it is time to create a new batch.  We hope the original purchasers feel they got their money’s worth!


We are selling the new banners for the same price as 2002.


They will hang starting in mid-April and be taken down after Katy Days. We guarantee they will last for five years.  They are two sided and made from durable fabric.  This year we are selling the smaller sized banners that mostly surround the downtown.  We will sell the larger ones in the future.  The money will pay for the banners and will also go toward supporting Katy Days.


If you are interested in a banner, we need to have your order and payment submitted by December 15, 2017 to Katy Days, PO Box 81, Parsons, KS  67357.


Thank you very much!

The Katy Days Board of Directors

John Dhooghe, President


Please indicate on the attached sheet whether you would like to have your banner hung near your business if possible.




MAY 25 - 27, 2018 • FOREST PARK

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